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All of the images on this page (with the exception of the advertising banner at the top of the page) were created by myself. I am making them available for re-use under the creative commons license. Feel free to use them in your own astrological projects - Deborah Houlding.

NB - this policy only applies to the images on this page - it does not apply to images used on other pages of the Skyscript site.


Chart Templates

Chart Forms
These are miniaturised representations. Click the link in the image to view the full-size wheel.

Degree Wheel
Degree Wheel

This wheel retains the visual recognition of 30 degrees in each sign of the zodiac. It is useful for natal astrology and techniques that place a strong focus upon aspects.

Click to view full-size wheel
Degree Wheel
House Wheel

The degrees of the house cusps are written in the external circles. This wheel preserves the full influence of the houses and is useful in strongly divinational techniques such as horary.

Click to view full-size wheel
Traditional/Historical Wheel
Traditional/Historical Wheel

An attractive, traditionally-designed wheel, suitable for the reproduction of historical charts.

Click to view full-size wheel

I created these images for powerpoint and magazine illustration purposes. If anyone wants to reuse them on other astrology projects, feel free. Right click to copy or download.

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Creative Commons Licence
This work by Deborah Houlding is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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